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      • Growing Flowers

        Here we're starting to prepare a spare strip of land on the farm that's just too tough to grow produce.... ....but with plenty of farm muck we're going to grow flowers. Parsnips and Pears have started selling flowers and plants.  As you already know lots of flowers come from overseas,...

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      • 7-a-day from Parsnips and Pears

        Did you see the BBC's healthy push on eating more fruit and veg to stay healthy today? Get your seven-a-day from Parsnips and Pears.... We've got a great selection... Fruit Boxes with 10 juicy items A great selection of Veg Boxes with all kinds of ultra fresh field to fork...

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    Clare D says: I just received my first mixed veg and salad box today. I am so impressed. I was looking forward to it immensely and you didn't disappoint. Everything in it was fresh and it looked amazing. Its my first time with anything like this and Its only by chance I saw one of your vans in the area and checked out the website. Will be trying more of your yummy produce in the near future and I have told all my friends too. Thank you all for an excellent service and lovely food.