Placing your order

So how do I order?

It’s simple. Select the right box for you (here on our website), pick a convenient delivery date (we deliver to different postcodes on certain dates - see Delivery Information,) and pay for your order. One of our team will then drop your produce off as per your instructions. Alternatively, you can call us on 0115 822 8622.

What box options are available?

Mini: Suitable for one couple per week. Just the perfect amount of the best of the season for a couple who love to cook throughout the week.  

Standard: Suitable for one family of between three and five people per week, including Sunday lunch. Is there such a thing as a standard family? Answers on a postcard perhaps! Anyway, if you’re menu planning for three to five, with a beloved major fixture for a Sunday, this is the box for you. 

Large: Suitable for one family of between four and six people with hungry kids per week including Sunday lunch, or a vegetarian household Known at Parsnips and Pears as the hungry box! Perfect for veggies or a family with a big appetite.

Extra Large: Suitable for a large family occasion. The only option for large, famished families! You might even want to share this with your neighbours!  

Salad (Standard): Suitable for an average sized family. Whether it’s dressed up or dressed down, you’ll be sure to enjoy this super salad selection any time any place! 

Fruit: Suitable for an average sized family. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so imagine what good a whole box of assorted fruit will do!! Top up the lunchboxes with delicious fruit, make desserts and keep your fruit bowl full for all to see! 

Can I find out what I’ll be getting in my vegetable box before it arrives?

The produce section on the website will give you a rough idea about what you can expect. Unfortunately we can’t predict exactly what will be included in your box as it very much depends on what’s currently in season and how the crop is faring!

Can I get more of what I love and less of what I hate in my box?

Absolutely! Tell us, and we’ll do our very best to tailor your box to suit the tastes of you and your family.

Will I only get certain vegetables in the months that they are seasonal?

Yes. We don’t import as that goes completely against the grain of what we’re all about! You will only get produce that’s seasonal and from a British supplier. However, we can't grow tropical fruit over here and we want you to get good variety from our fruit boxes, so don't be shocked to find a pineapple or something like that from further afield.

Will dairy be available? Or meat and other products?

We have plans to expand our product range and will tell you about this as soon as we can! In the meantime, do keep telling us what you’d like and we’ll factor this into our plans.

Paying for your order

Do I have to pay at once? How do I pay?

Yes. You will be required to pay online on checkout, or over the phone when you place your order. You can also pay in person by cash or cheque on delivery if you prefer, although we will be phasing this option out over the coming months. We offer secure payment processes, and take every possible step to ensure your money is safe in our hands.

Can I pay by direct debit or standing order?

No, not at the moment – but it is something we’re looking at possibly introducing soon. For now, we ask customers who are placing an order for a few weeks time to still pay at the time when the order is processed. Eventually, that payment will be taken on delivery, as we realise that’s the preferred option for many customers.

What if I need to cancel my order?

That’s fine, we can arrange that – just give us a call or get in touch via the website. You can cancel up to 24 hours before your scheduled delivery.

What if I’m on holiday and forget to cancel my order?

The chances are we’ll still deliver it as normal. Obviously we’d prefer it if you could let us know so the produce doesn’t go to waste, but it’s not the end of the world if you do forget to cancel it.


When can you deliver? Is it free?

We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, depending on your postcode area - see Delivery Information. We're struggling with delivery costs and although we've been very proud not to have charged delivery since we began our scheme years ago but it's really starting to hurt us.  We've had to succumb to charging a small amount for delivery in line with our competitors.  We have tried to keep it to the bare minimum of just £1.25 and we have also been able to offer free delivery on orders over £25.

Are your vans refrigerated? How do you keep the produce cool?

Yes we do have a refrigerated van to keep your produce fresh and cool for when we deliver! 

What if I'm not in when you deliver?

We’re happy to follow any instructions you give us. We could leave your box with a trusted neighbour or tucked around the side of your house – whatever works for you.

What if you leave it outside and it rains? Or it gets pinched?

Our delivery staff are full of common sense and will always try and leave your box in a sensible spot so it’s out of sight and tucked away from the elements. But if it does go astray, we’ll have a chat and arrange for a replacement to be sent out.

Can you deliver to a block of flats?

Flats aren't a problem. Just make sure when you order, you give us detailed instructions about where you’d like us to leave your box so we can get it to you in the safest possible way.  Also, please let us know if we will need a code to get into the building.

Can you deliver to me at work?

Absolutely. If it makes your life easier, we’re more than happy to do that! Again, just make sure you leave detailed delivery instructions when you place your order.

Will it be the same driver delivering my box each time?

Quite possibly. We know our customers value the personal interaction they have with the same friendly face, and we will always try to provide the same delivery driver in the same area as far as possible.

Can you deliver at the same time to the same place each week?

We can take repeat orders as needed to suit you and your lifestyle, though at present we can't provide guaranteed delivery at a specific time.

How will I know when my delivery has arrived?

We don’t at present offer a text messaging service, so if you’re not in when we deliver, the driver will leave the box in a safe place or with a neighbour (if requested) and pop a note through the door, so that you know where to find the box as soon as you get home. If you instruct us as to where to leave the box then the driver will follow those instructions and still pop a note through the door.

Can I collect my box rather than you deliver?

No, not at the moment. But if our customers are keen to see that type of service on offer, we’ll look into this and keep you posted!


What happens if I don’t like my box, how do I return it?

We really hope you love your produce when it arrives. Really, there’s no reason why you shouldn't, because we can tailor it (as far as it’s seasonally possible!) to suit your tastes each. Every box is also checked to make sure it reaches our high quality standards. But if you’re not happy with it, then of course we will do something about it. Give us a call and we’ll have a chat about what we can do to help.

Using your produce

How will I know what I’ll be getting in my box and what to then do with it?

You’ll have a rough idea of the box contents based on the information we supply when you place your order. We have lots of lovely recipe ideas on our website to give you some inspiration for many of the individual items. There’s tonnes more information on our website too so take a look more cooking ideas!

Do I get storage instructions?

We don’t at present provide storage instruction in each box but again, this information can be found on our website. Or you can have a chat with one of the delivery staff who will be happy to provide advice.

Should I wash my produce before eating it?

We suggest you do – not because it’s been sprayed with anything nasty, but just to keep you and your family safe from any unwanted germs.


How much packaging is on each box?

Very little. We try to use as little plastic wrapping or any type of cover as possible, your produce is popped neatly in your box ready for you to unpack.

Do you recycle the boxes?

Yes, we’re happy to. Just leave your empty box in the spot we’ll be dropping your next box off at and we’ll pick it up and take it away for re-use.